For Investment Managers

For Investment Managers

If you are an experienced, qualified Investment Manager or Team looking to establish your own firm, then RC Brown can help you make the transition.

We can offer you the use of our Regulatory licence or our offices and systems, for example. What’s more, we are always keen to discuss new opportunities, with the caveat that both sides must be comfortable with our ethos and values.

Whether you are looking to set up your own discretionary portfolio business or launch an OEIC, both can be easily accommodated under our umbrella structures (subject to FCA and ACD approval).

Indeed, since 2013, RC Brown has helped two separate investment firms establish themselves, and we are actively pursuing other opportunities to act as an incubator for up-and-coming fund management businesses.

The first, Alpha Portfolio Management (Alpha), was formed in November 2013 by the team that ran the Signature proposition for Rowan Dartington. They operate and manage their business and portfolios separately but also share our Bristol office and administration systems.

In addition, in 2014 RC Brown helped what became the Coram Asset Management team to break away from their previous home and set up their own fund business. After being assisted with their licence application with the Regulator, they repaid our support and became a fully independent business.