We’ve come a long way

We established our business in 1990 with a single aim: to create successful long-term investment partnerships based on expertise and trust.

Initially, this saw us specialising in the management of portfolios for company pension schemes and major charities, before two decades later, we began working with Independent Financial Advisers (IFAs) to help them service their private clients. And RC Brown’s offering continues to service all of these today.

RC Brown now
Thirty years on our investment team has evolved to the extent that it manages money for a broad range of clients right across the UK & Europe.

More significantly, our skills in asset allocation, stock selection and portfolio construction, have helped us establish a growing reputation (and pick up an array of awards) for building well-diversified portfolios with carefully managed risk.

Looking forward
RC Brown now has a broader range of businesses under its umbrella, encompassing both investment portfolio management and investment administration.

We have helped two separate investment firms to establish themselves since 2013, and are actively pursuing other opportunities, to act as an incubator for up-and-coming fund management businesses.

The world is changing, so RC Brown are too.