Our Services

Our Services

RC Brown’s business is investment management, whether we’re working for an individual Private Client, supporting clients on behalf of a Financial Adviser or providing administrative solutions for Investment Managers.

Investment Options
We’re also an experienced discretionary investment firm that firmly believes in diversification, which is why we offer different investment services for different needs:

The majority of our clients classify the UK as their home and Sterling as their base currency. Our Core portfolios therefore have been designed to reflect this, with a large weighting given to both.
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As we live in a global marketplace, our Overseas Focused portfolios are created specifically for those seeking greater international exposure.
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Environmental, Social and Governance due diligence naturally form an everyday part of our investment process, across all portfolio types. We also, however, offer clients the opportunity to overlay this with their own specific criteria/beliefs. After all, we each have our own definition of “ethical”.

For those looking to minimise potential inheritance tax, one legitimate solution (subject to strict criteria) is to use company shares listed on AIM. And having helped countless smaller companies to expand and grow over three decades, RC Brown are right at the forefront of this specialist investment arena.
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Primary Opportunities Fund
We are also experienced Fund Managers and are currently responsible for the IFSL RC Brown UK Primary Opportunities fund. Click on the following link to go to the Fund’s website.

For Investment Managers
If you are an experienced, qualified Investment Manager or Team looking to establish your own firm, then RC Brown can help you make the transition.

For Financial Advisers
We are very conscious too that Advisers have a huge choice to make when it comes to deciding who you expose your client to and what options you should take. Which is why we like to keep things extremely straightforward.

Expatriate Services
As professional investment managers, we don’t offer specific advice on legal and taxation matters. For this reason, we have teamed up with Teresa Patrício & Associados, a trusted firm of highly experienced Portuguese lawyers.

They have all the specialist knowledge and experience required to answer any queries you might have on the topics we’ve outlined in this section. To find out more about them, or to speak to one of their experts, please get in touch:

Teresa Patricio & Associates
Avenida da Republica, 41-9
1050-187 Lisboa

T: +351 217 981 030
F: +351 217 981 038
E: patricio.associados@palaw.com.pt
W: www.tpalaw.pt

Portcullis Financial Planning
If you are looking for professional, independent, holistic financial advice then our sister company ‘Portcullis Financial Planning’ might be able to assist.
Please click on the following link to go to their own website.