For Financial Advisors

For Financial Advisors

We are very conscious too that Advisers have a huge choice to make when it comes to deciding who you expose your client to and what options you should take. Which is why we like to keep things extremely straightforward.

Our Discretionary Investment Service
Launched by RC Brown in 2010, this service is designed specifically for Advisers who want to outsource the day-to-day management of portfolios for their clients. As part of a transparent ‘all-inclusive’ approach to fees and cost disclosure, we have a Fee Calculator on our website, which gives both Advisers and clients full visibility of the true cost of a portfolio before they part with any money.

The only minimum is £15,000 per client, except AIM/IHT, but Advisers will benefit from the following portfolio options:

(incl Ethical)
(min £50k)
Individual company shares done clear clear done clear
Unit Trusts / OEICs / ETFs done done done clear done
Ethical / ESG screening** done clear clear done clear
Direct access to Investment Manager done done clear done done
Personalised quarterly reporting done done clear done done
Client Portal access done done done done done
SIPP / SSAS / ISA compatible done done done ISA only done
Number of risk profiles 7 7 5 1 7
Rebalancing Adhoc Adhoc Quarterly Adhoc Adhoc
CGT management done done clear done done
Income taken from profits / dividends done done clear done done
Phasing of new investments /
done done clear done done
Suitability responsibility Investment

*Asset allocation choices of ‘Core UK’ from RC Brown Investment Management or
‘Overseas Focused’ from Portcullis Asset Management.

**Whilst ESG due diligence forms an everyday part of our investment process across all portfolio types we do offer clients the opportunity to overlay this with their own criteria/beliefs.

Investment Options
We’re also an experienced discretionary investment firm that firmly believes in diversification. Which is why we offer different investment services for different needs:

The majority of our clients classify the UK as their home and Sterling as their base currency. Our Core portfolios therefore have been designed to reflect this, with a large weighting given to both.
Click on the following link to view our most recent quarterly Fact Sheet.

As we live in a global marketplace, our Overseas Focused portfolios are created specifically for those seeking greater international exposure.
Click on the following link to view our most recent quarterly Fact Sheet.

Environmental, Social and Governance due diligence naturally form an everyday part of our investment process, across all portfolio types. We also, however, offer clients the opportunity to overlay this with their own specific criteria/beliefs. After all, we each have our own definition of “ethical”.

For those looking to minimise potential inheritance tax, one legitimate solution (subject to strict criteria) is to use company shares listed on AIM. And having helped countless smaller companies to expand and grow over three decades, RC Brown are right at the forefront of this specialist investment arena.
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Primary Opportunities Fund
We are also experienced Fund Managers and are currently responsible for the IFSL RC Brown Primary Opportunities fund.
Click on the following link to go to the Fund’s website.

Costs and charges calculator
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White Labelling
RC Brown can create a “Trading as” subsidiary of RCBIM in the name and branding an Adviser chooses to complement their existing business. The portfolio asset allocation can either mirror the standard RCBIM services, or the Adviser firm can have some input if they have a specific need that is not already covered.

Appointed Representative Network
RC Brown has an Appointed Representative network to assist Advisers who are looking for a cheaper, more technology-led way of controlling their business, whilst also keeping an eye on the eventual sale of their business on retirement. It’s about creating a collaborative group of like-minded people who can potentially sell/buy a business within that group. People who can be sure that their systems will be compatible and that clients are familiar with how things work. To achieve this, we have brought in expertise rather than try and reinvent the wheel, so everyone benefits from consistency and economies of scale.