So why should you recommend us?

We are very conscious that as an Adviser, you have a huge choice as to whom you expose your client to, and the options available.

We like to keep things straightforward.

How we work with Advisers

We always start from the perspective that as an Adviser, you are our client, and whatever we do also reflects on your business.  That is why we keep things simple:

  • You and your clients get direct access to the Investment Manager making the daily decisions on their portfolio (phone, email & face to face).
  • We will have as much or as little contact with your clients as you require.  You are in control.
  • We are happy to travel and meet you and your clients wherever is most convenient.
  • You and your client get online access to portfolio valuations, that are updated daily (including individual transaction details).
  • You have a choice of ways to complete our application forms with clients, either paper based or electronically.
  • All of the paperwork that you might need is available on our website as downloadable PDFs.
  • We are regularly commended for our speed of response to enquiries and administration requests.
  • Finally, there is no conflict of interest as we only do portfolio management, and will never have our own planning arm.


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View your daily valuations and cash statements whenever and wherever you wish using our secure online service.


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