About us

Bob Brown and his team from the DRG Pension Fund set up RC Brown Investment Management in 1990. For almost two decades, the firm specialised in managing portfolios for company pension schemes and major charities. In 2009, we expanded our offering to include private-client business, specifically working with independent financial advisers (IFAs). We’re a multi award winning business, and now one of the fastest-growing discretionary fund management firms in the UK.

Our investment team has considerable experience managing money for some of the largest financial institutions in the City of London. They bring this experience and discipline to the management of our Private Clients, which sets us apart from our peers. This means that our portfolios typically have greater diversification, are more actively managed, which helps reduce risk without compromising performance.

All members of the RC Brown team – directors, managers and administrators – are equity shareholders/have equity options. Having a personal interest in the firm ensures we’re all focused on getting things right first time, every time, and consistently providing the highest possible standards of service to our clients.

We’re developing a broader range of businesses under the R C Brown umbrella; some based around investment portfolio management, others focused on investment administration. Since 2013, we have helped two separate investment firms establish themselves, and are actively pursuing other opportunities to act as an incubator for up-and-coming fund management businesses. We have also passported our business to Portugal, to provide clear and transparent investment advice to the expatriate market, which does not currently enjoy the comfort of dealing with fully UK regulated firms.

Looking ahead, our aim is to ensure that RC Brown is the kind of strong, well-diversified business we would invest in on behalf of our clients.