How we administer your investments

Before you become a client we will send you a detailed investment proposal showing exactly how we plan to invest your money and why we and/or your financial adviser believe our plan is suitable for you.

For your protection all investments are held in a separate nominee account and you will always retain full beneficial ownership of your assets. Cash is held in a segregated account with a leading UK clearing bank in accordance with the FCA’s client money rules.

We will collect all dividends and interest payments, deal with takeovers and other offers or capital reorganisations, and exercise conversion, subscription and voting rights on behalf of our clients.
We use our own ISA to manage your ISA assets alongside your taxed portfolio and we also manage money in SIPP’s and both onshore and offshore bonds.

For taxed portfolios, following the end of the tax year we will send you a full tax pack to help you, or your accountant, complete your tax return. This includes details of all investment income and capital gains/ losses.

At the end of each calendar quarter, we will send you valuation reports which include details of all transactions and performance relative to an appropriate benchmark. You can also use our online valuation service to access the up to date value of your portfolio and to see details of transactions.


Online valuation


View your daily valuations and cash statements whenever and wherever you wish using our secure online service.